Thursday, July 8, 2010


 I went pickin' today in a friend's storage trailer. Always good to choose a hot humid day to do this sort of thing. Even better to wear a dress??!!! (and have an aching back)

 Anyway, she had a double gateleg dropleaf table that interested me. I have never seen one like this. Very different construction. The top looks really old, it's either scrubbed worn or been stripped a looong time ago. I thought at first the base was newer. But in looking at the unattached top pieces I could see wear, light & dark spots & some red wash on the underside of the tabletop boards which matched up with the base. So maybe they weren't married, maybe they did actually start out life together.
 It was too hot to haul it out so I don't have a pic yet. It is a project for sure.
 I also got some grungy country items, old galvanized tub, a handled square bucket, a rusty milk box & a big ole water bottle in a wooden crate.
 As much as I love Limoge & Bavarian china, lace, cherubs & roses I love vintage farm & garden stuff & barn fresh country furniture!

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