Wednesday, July 14, 2010

another auction

I went to a box lot auction last night. It was the first time the auctioneer had one of this type & it seemed to work out pretty good. It was quick. Each consigner had a table, so you could bring in one box or 20 boxes.
I doubt any big money was made for the consigners or the auction house but people got rid of small stuff & other people bought that small stuff & now they will to try to get rid of what they just bought....oh I mean they will lovingly price it & gently place it into their shop to sell to a lucky customer who just has to have it!

A huge amount of cherubs flew in for the evening...

Going to an auction like this confirms my belief that there is "only so much stuff to go around" & it just keeps going around & around.

Some treasures...great old child's rocking chair, some tinware, wooden items too.

Anyways, it's all good because it's all recycled, reused & reloved!!!!

That said, I sold 14 box lots & bought 6 others. And so it goes...

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