Monday, August 26, 2013

  Because of a serious health issue and pending surgery I may not have a lot of photos and updates to post in the next couple weeks. But I will be on FaceBook daily, of course LOL

  I did get some help hauling in some furniture to the shop from hubby and son. So that was good...though several pieces have sold already. (not complaining!)
  Happy to say the big old twin cupboards went to a new home. They were the pair we carried out of the cellar bulk head of the Lee Library where they had resided for many years. Evidently they were originally built into a wall of the library. Before the building was a library it was a school so maybe they started out in the class room? 

  I will have to get some pics posted later. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Oh my, these are tutu cute! 
Vintage dance costumes all hanging on the line, just waiting for some little girls who want to play dress up! (or dance!)

These are going into the shop today (Just The Thing! in down town Dover NH). Prices between $5-10 each)
I do have others but they are being saved for The Vintage Bazaar. (that takes place September 21/22 at Pettingill Farm in Salisbury MA)

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Aaahh...she's gone! The crusty beast with so much character is *SOLD*. 
1908 Mission style Hoosier bin all her glory! LOL

I got this great old slant top wooden chest last night at the auction. It is yellow, not my fav color is a cool look.$85 in the shop.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

  My sister and I went out treasure hunting yesterday. This was my big score of the day!
 A very crusty cellar find!

 This old Hoosier cabinet has a tag on it from Stewart and Sons Concord NH. The people said it had always been in the family. It was used for decades then was relegated to the cellar for many many years.

 The paint layers and chipping as well as the alligator like paint really add to the charm...but it will have to be pressure washed, cleaned, brushed etc so I know a lot of the real chippy paint will be lost. 

 There is the original *Hoosier Want List* nailed on the cabinet, a way to keep track of your grocery needs. The flour bin is there but the actual sifter is missing.
 The tin sugar bin is attached to a door. I have never seen one of those before. I bet that sugar got really clumpy on humid days!
 One thing that caught my eye was the glass door front detail. I have never seen a wooden arched wood design like that on a Hoosier. 

 She's quite a character, she's seen a long hard working life, and it shows! LOL

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Last night's auction finds

  I went to an auction last evening, local, runs almost every week so luckily I get a seat in the front row!

I had a list if things I wanted to bid on...actually ALL the furniture pieces interested me. This auction usually only has a few pieces consigned weekly, so last night I bid on all of them. I missed two pieces, that's ok, I set my limit & accept that! 

I already went down to snap pics & posted them on FaceBook. But wanted to post here on the Blog too. Each piece needs to be tweaked a bit LOL cleaned, sanded, maybe glazed or shabbed a little to add some charm & character.

Friday, July 19, 2013

As I was sanding this pretty console table today I realized it had slide out extensions on either end. One doesn't slide out easily so we will have to work on that before painting.

I'm still not sure of the color. I have many paints to choose from and many times a piece will speak to me...but so far I'm not getting any vibes from this piece!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

After a very long absence I am going to try to post on my BLOG once or twice a week. 
Those of you with FB biz pages must have realized that any posts with pics are viewed by a very limited audience. I have well over 2,000 *likes* but only a small percentage of them can see my pic posts because I won't pay FB $$$ to promote my posts.
So as I did before I will post pics here of projects, before/afters as well as shop pics. And items for sale. (locally, either privately or in the shop, I don't ship anymore)
I will put the link to the Blog on my FB status and hope to see you there, and here!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

  Like New Vintage Strawberry Canisters Set   *SOLD* at JUST THE THING!
This was a dull old table, given new life with a coat of paint.   *SOLD* at Just The Thing!

This was a funky 3 legged table that got livened up with paint. It flew out the door at Just The Thing!

Shabby, chippy, country...

Still haven't decided what to do with this...

Very pretty painted floral demi lune table, Available at A WELL KEPT SECRET for $99

Nice old half trunk, available at JUST THE THING!

This velour green boudoir chair/min love seat is really cute. And unique. It could be used for a child, or as a doggie bed. It is available at A Well Kept Secret.
 I came to the realization yesterday that I have totally neglected my Blog. For shame!!!
 I will try to get some pics up, at least make an effort to show some shop pics.  

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The calender says June but it feels like April. Brrrr, chilly & wet.
Not good weather for yard sale-ing, or paint projects. But it was good weather to head to Manchester to the Grand Opening of MillCity Antiques. What a fabulous place! It is located in a huge old mill so the charm is as big as the square footage! (see pics)

It was also busy at Just The Thing!. Several pieces went out the door the last two days so I brought some items in today to restock.
I seem to have quite a mish mosh of styles going on. LOL not a bad thing, there is something for almost everyone.
If you like the pretty feminine pieces I have a pair of lovely Victorian style velvet chairs. And a shabby chic cabinet. I have a great shabby country cottage bench in aqua paint. You will even find a Mid Century Modern scoop chair in turquoise! It is so cool, think late 1950s MadMen! And I have a 1940s Mersman console table too. 
Throw in a red cola cooler, some vintage Renewal doll house pieces, a copywrited 1899 Madonna & child print in a pretty frame, some burlap bags, and even some 1930-50 magazines, books & sheet music...and yep, it's a mish mosh! (you can see that in the pics LOL)

Quite a few old wooden crates went to new homes, a pack basket, some great old leather suitcases, a small chest of drawers, a bench, and a bunch of other small items this last week. Always happy to see people still lovin' other people's old stuff!

Awesome dealer spaces/display at MillCity

Loved this dealer's booth

Coffee Crate & Coffee barrel bot *SOLD*

MID CENT MOD turquoise Carter Bros scoop chair $99

fantastic old leather suitcases (attic find from farm house up in NH) *SOLD*

Sweet & Chic, all available

Great Bench for a hall, porch, at the table, anywhere

Sexy & cute red cat half apron, 1950 cola cooler

Vintage Mersman console table, painted on velvet cottage/stream scene 

Such fun to imagine the little girl who got this kit way back in the day! Cute Jean Darling (1920s child actress) kit to make outfits for the little bisque doll.

STUFF! It's all good!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Did a couple quick paint jobs today. The mirror is that gold plastic material that was popular in the 60/70s. I have found that when they are on the wall, sporting new paint, no one will even suspect it is *plastic*.

I did the cute little chest of drawers in gray & pink. (I think the pics look a bit dark) I got a deal on the pink paint. Lowe's OOPS paint, unused & unopened, gotta luv it, $15.98 Valspar for $2.50.

This has been *sold*.-

What a beautiful gorgeous morning we have here in NH! 
I have been busy treasure hunting...which seems to always lead to the painting of a few pieces. Yesterday I got this old tired dull bench. I ditched the green cushion and painted her up in a shabby beachy aqua. 

she was a country girl, now she is a beach bum 

 I went on a house call last week. (not my fav thing to do when it is some one I know) But this one turned out quite well. Almost all the items had been stored in an attic for years. They had been moved from the elder family's farm. So yup we're talking *farm fresh*!
Here's some pics of a few things from that haul.