Sunday, July 28, 2013

  My sister and I went out treasure hunting yesterday. This was my big score of the day!
 A very crusty cellar find!

 This old Hoosier cabinet has a tag on it from Stewart and Sons Concord NH. The people said it had always been in the family. It was used for decades then was relegated to the cellar for many many years.

 The paint layers and chipping as well as the alligator like paint really add to the charm...but it will have to be pressure washed, cleaned, brushed etc so I know a lot of the real chippy paint will be lost. 

 There is the original *Hoosier Want List* nailed on the cabinet, a way to keep track of your grocery needs. The flour bin is there but the actual sifter is missing.
 The tin sugar bin is attached to a door. I have never seen one of those before. I bet that sugar got really clumpy on humid days!
 One thing that caught my eye was the glass door front detail. I have never seen a wooden arched wood design like that on a Hoosier. 

 She's quite a character, she's seen a long hard working life, and it shows! LOL

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