Saturday, May 5, 2012

Here I am again, playing catch up with the Blog! And realizing that some how it got to be the month of May! 
It seems I have done more than my fair share of treasure hunting lately. (well when I figure out what exactly my share is I'll let ya know...)
And of course hauling home goodies means at least something in that bunch needed a paint job! 
But occasionally I do acquire a piece that is just fine the way it is. 
I got these two pretty Victorian style chairs at a yard sale today. Nicely done cut velvet rose upholstery and very nice details. They will go right into Just The Thing1 as they are, probably tomorrow. The table got painted this afternoon.

The table was too dull before, she needed a quick Pink Me Up!

Most cool turquoise mid-century modern chair. Beautiful form, curved wooden back, vinyl cushion in great condition. All it needs is Don Draper from MadMen lounging on it, cigarettte & cocktail in hand!

Italian step table, came & went so quick it was hard to believe. It was quite unique. Beautiful wood (maybe flame mahogany) with leather inlay, gold scroll designs, a criss crossed wire front door on the top cubbie, and an open shelf area blow. This was made by the Milano Furniture Co. It happily went to a new home.

Mersman table I did in Oil Rubbed Bronze paint, actually looks black with just a hint of metallic. Nice clean lines. Good size for a flat panel tv, drawer for the remote, shelf for the other components. Bit of a different look with the middle drawer. on top. Not sure when this will go into one of the shops though, just no room at this time.

I just gave this a coat of primer. I'm thinking it will be some shade of white. It was an old radio cabinet. Someone took the time to make it useful again by removing the radio, adding shelves and a back. It will make a great little cabinet for a bathroom, bedroom or even for office storage.

I'm a little bit country! Every once in awhile I just have to bid on some country primitives. The nice old grooved rolling pin (Lefse?) has already been sold. The rest of these goodies you can find at A Well Kept secret in Kingston NH.

And what is this you ask? It is a big old Post Office mail slot cubby. (yes it is wedged tightly in the back of my vehicle) Evidently this was in the barn of a house here in town that once upon a time housed our Post Office (such as it was) and also a hardware store. Pretty cool huh.


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