Saturday, June 25, 2011

Flip Top Storage Bench

Pics of an old dark storage bench painted in a creamy Malted Milk, and sanded just a bit.
Great for winter hats and gloves, and a good spot to sit down on to lace up the boots.
Also would be handy near the door for dog leashes, play toys and balls, and of course doggie clothing.
  I think this is another piece that must have a story.
 My guess is Mama had a specific spot picked out for this bench. Maybe under a window, in a hall way or mud room. But it appears there may have been some heat register down low on the wall. Which meant Papa had to modify the basic construction. So in his building of this bench he worked out a way to have it flush against the wall without interfering with whatever was there? Must have made Mama happy! Good old Yankee ingenuity. (see interior pic)

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