Thursday, May 12, 2011


Too much stuff, too many booths, too much eye candy....soooo little time!
We walked all day, just took 20 minutes to sit in the car for a snack and still couldn't get to all the fields.
Two hadn't opened yet and one charged to get in for opening day so we thought we'd have enough time to get to all the others but sadly, noo...
 But it's a fun time and there's so many photo ops.

Stone(d) Mushrooms?

All the funky metal brightly colored animals were great, but the goats were my favorite.

Not every one can claim to have a huge ball of barbed wire.

Ok these dolls were so bizarre, clever and creepy I couldn't take my eyes off them.
What a cracker this one is!

I am not going to even go there with the lard *ss comments.

Children's letter blocks on a bright blue child's chair, as I found them.  No really.

This could give a person nightmares...

Being a Shih Tzu  lover this was one of many garden statues that caught my eye.

Old Crosley wagon

Can I buy a vowel?

Put a spring in your step, or seat...

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