Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Auction Finds

I went pickin' in a barn treasures to be found.

But then we headed up to an all day auction under the tents.
It's always a good time with lots of good stuff!
Though we froze our butts off.

I felt I got a good variety of things. A small vintage sewing stand, an upholstered cricket stool and an old wooden magazine rack were the only pieces of *furniture* I got. I need to downsize! The stand and rack will both be painted.

Scored a great old wooden egg box too!

I got a set of white swirl FireKing mixing/nesting bowls which will probably find their way to the shelf of my Hoosier style cabinet.
But the Holland made blue and white wall hung coffee grinder will be going into the shop, along with a nice old covered picnic basket, a 1950s Pendleton camp blanket, a shabby old quilt and a dark blue woven coverlet.
Also have an assortment of colorful tins. As well as a few other odds n ends.

Hopefully I'll get pics posted tomorrow!

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