Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dome Top Trunk *SOLD* Peachy Pink Painted Maple Coffee Table/Plant Stand $49

I had a very similar painted dome top trunk sell a few months ago. This is the big sister. It is done in a cool creamy paint finish, which shows off the wonderful old details and hardware. 
The condition of this trunk isn't the greatest. The leather handles are shot and the caster and chunk of bottom wood has come apart. 
But it would look fine at the foot of a bed or under a window and would be good storage. Priced at just $60. ***SOLD***

 What a sweet sturdy coffee table this would be. It would also make a great plant stand. This piece has solid legs and a three sided back splash edge.
 It is a peachy pink color, with a hint of beige. It doesn't scream PINK! It has a cottage-y feel to it, but would fit in with shabby chic decor or any vintage country room. 
 I believe it is rock maple, it is fairly heavy for its size. $49

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