Saturday, August 21, 2010

It comes, it goes, it's all good stuff but....

...there just seems to be too much of it!
I put several furniture pieces out at the side of the road last week.
I just love making those FREE signs!
Recycle Reuse Relove Vintage Stuff!
I did a clean out of the garage today (after getting more items at a yard sale...oops but they were such deals) & I tried to organize what went back in. I got a couple things painted, a few things I hauled up to the infamous side of the road & several things went back into the project &/or paint pile. ...sigh...
This big old chisel cabinet makes an awesome prim cubbie for displaying vintage utensils, small country collections, or whatever you can think of. It is rough, nothing sleek & chic about this piece! Needs a good cleaning (power wash) or fresh paint. (hmmm now I'm thinking craft supplies, quilting goods, even bath & toiletries could be stored in it)
It can be mounted on a wall (bolts & cleat) & could easily be put on a base or even 4 wooden bun feet.
$60 & it is your's!!!!

The pics below show a great old country blue jelly cupboard. $100 takes it away!
The primitive chisel cabinet & the blue jelly cupboard are both in the shop now. 
So come on into JUST THE THING & check them out.